About Kelsey Sparrow

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Artist Statement

e:nθa kelsi, təliʔ cən ʔə ƛ̓ xʷməθkʷəy̓əm. Kelsey Sparrow is an Indigenous multi-disciplinary artist, Musqueam from their Father’s side and White First River from their Mother’s. Kelsey’s interest as artist was fostered by participating in museums and galleries settings which has led Sparrow to develop programs and teachings for art and cultural institutions, artists, educators and the public. They have participated in spaces like the Tenn Art Group, Summer institute for Teens and Urban Access programs at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. 

Currently in their studies, Sparrow is interested in building their knowledge and skills in ceramics, printmaking, drawing, weaving, beading and woodcarving.  Sparrow is drawn to the tactile nature and meditative process in these mediums and the parallels that connect them. They have found exploring various materials and techniques generative in discovering these connections both in their processes and their physicality. Kelsy’s artistic practice is informed by their heritage and experience as a Coast Salish person and is concerned with language, land, family narratives, mourning and private  versus public cultural knowledge. They are particularly inspired by the concept of physical representation in Coast Salish teachings that describe obscuring the figure as a way to preserve its power. In Kelsey’s work, they experiment with this teaching; keeping the explicit meanings or representations of subject matter hidden, without losing its visual impact and essence that speaks beyond  what is aesthetically represented.